The Facility Provides a wide range of services for both the MIT/Whitehead community as well as the general public.

Light Microscopy

All new users must receive training for the instruments they wish to use.

Consultation - To maximize your likelihood for success, the first step for use of the Keck Facility is a brief consultation with Wendy Salmon to discuss your project and experimental goals as well as the resources available in the Keck. This will help us both determine the best fit and esure the first experiment is as successful as possible.

Training- We are happy to train you on as many microscopes as your research requires. Training is scheduled for when you have your own samples ready to be imaged. Training includes an introduction to the equipment and software as well as basic guidelines for selecting settings. Advanced techniques, such as FRAP and large volume imaging, typically require multiple training sessions to reach independence. Refresher courses and advanced training are available for users previously trained.

Advice - To ensure you get the most out of microscopy we are available for discussion about all aspects of your imaging - conceptual approaches, sample preparation, reagent purchases, image acquisition, troubleshooting and image processing and analysis. No question is too big or small; please contact us with any queries you have.

Imaging service - Limited imaging assistance on the light microscope may be avaialble, schedule permitting.

Image analysis - Post-acquisition image processing and analysis is an important part of modern microscopy. We can provide advice and modest assistance for image analysis with Fiji/ImageJ, Imaris or Vision4D. Whitehead researchers: Assistance with CellProfiler is available through a contract agreement--see related BARC page for details.

Help with lab equipment - If you need help with your lab microscope we might be able to assist (e.g. train you how to change the bulb). 

Electron Microscopy

As of August 22, 2019, the Keck Facility no longer provides service, support or training for the electron microscopy equipment. The equipment will remain on-site for already trained users. Researchesr interested in electron microscopy service or training can contact the Peterson (1957) Nanotechnology Materials Core Facility at MIT's Koch Center, the MIT MRSEC electron microscopy core or the Harvard Center for Nanoscale Systems for similar capabilities.